Awaken Potential

11-13 AUGUST 2023, CYPRUS
Awaken Potential and Rory Kilmartin present:
Тhe Relationship Breakthrough Weekend
How To SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE Fights, Stress & Disengagement to ONLY See The Best Parts Of Your Partner!

The Greatest Discovery In The World Of Relationships Since Your ‘Love Language’!

What You Will Learn From This Relationship Researcher Who Cracked The Code Of True Connection And Flourishing Relationships!
Remain Calm & Orderly ALWAYS

You’ll understand people on a PROFOUND level most will just never know. You’ll know exactly why others act and say the things they do, allowing you to always remain calm and orderly!

Discover & Eliminate Your Triggers

Find out what it really is that triggers you and why it keeps happening. Then how you can leave it in the past to become triggerless, calm and wise

Develop Clear, Calm & Effective Communication

By understanding the primary ways people operate, you’ll know exactly how to speak to everyone you come in contact with. And why they are this way… Practically eliminating conflict and disconnection!

Create Lasting Peace & Harmony

Significantly reduce frustration and breakdowns by becoming an agent of order. With this knowledge, you’ll effortlessly calm others down and your life will just settle into flow.

Get The Most Out Of Your Life & Relationships

This work allows you to firmly regain your centre so you won’t follow others into breakdowns. They’ll look to you as a calm and powerful peacemaker they can trust.


Profound Behavioural Clarity

In just 3 days, you’ll know how EVERY person in the world thinks and feels. Why they do what they do, so you’re never asking yourself “What the hell are they thinking?” ever again!

What Is This All About?

Well, why do good hearted, well intentioned people end up in relationship hell?

Or why can the person closest to us be so hard to understand in times of stress and disagreements? 

Why do they disengage and become distant? 

Or why does their ‘push back’ button get pressed and we have to argue each time this subject comes up?

It’s confusing, right? Downright FRUSTRATING at times!

As if they’re speaking a whole different language! Causing your relationship to become distant. Or worse, a battle of fire versus fire.

Leading to the most important connection that you have potentially slipping away…

Going through the day to day with just a roommate. Or worse…

Let’s look at this for a second.
Do any of these sound familiar... in your relationships

How can relationships that start so great, turn into them being the first person we’re okay fighting with?

What causes this?

These questions have been at the forefront of Rory Kilmartin’s mind since the age of 12.

Now for the last two decades, he has forever changed the lives of thousands of people across the world with his live workshops and online study courses.

He wanted to know why two people who love each other can be mean to one other. To be constantly bickering… Or straight up yelling!

So, for the last three and a half decades he has been dedicated to solving this phenomena.

Even locking himself away for 7 whole years to figure this all out!

To make sense of other people, and most importantly…

Make his own life make sense.

And that’s exactly what he did!
Now his findings around human behaviour are SHOCKING the people who have discovered this work!
Dr Ellie Murphy
Chartered Counselling Psychologist

I have spent years studying psychology and philosophy to better understand the human condition, suffering and distress and this course has been THE MOST profound and illuminating in understanding our relation to ourselves, others and Being a truly phenomenal experience and learning…

Greig Schofield
Entrepreneur, Adventurer & Father

Never have I come across a body of work that has had, and will continue to have, such a life-changing impact on my life, as Rory’s program

Enabling me to navigate through my Game of Life with much more eloquence, poise and purpose, while achieving the highest and best outcome for myself and the people I interact with.

Beyond this, I feel this body of work represents the pinnacle of transformation potential that one can gain in life.

What This Profound Work
Is Capable Of…

Students of this work have no choice but to transform their relationships into effortless and consistent connection.

They’re finally being able to… 

And that’s feedback from
100% of the participants!
"I can not believe they do not teach this in schools!"
James Wordsworth - Author and Photographer
"Absolutely incredible, life changing, deeply mooving and profoundly eye opening!"
Jessie Shedden - Model & Travel Enthusiast
"Instantly applicable to my life! Hugely powerful and Impactful."
Greig Schofield - Entrepreneur & Father
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That’s NO JOKE!
This is NOT A CLICHE “Touchy Feely” kind of seminar… Which NEVER work...
This is true human understanding that reveals how EVERYONE operates!
20 Years & 287 Fights. Then…
Total Peace & Connection.

Here’s a quick example…

When Scott came back from the war in Afghanistan, his wife J.J was delighted to put that behind them and have a ‘full time’ marriage.

And at first it was great!

But after a few months of being home, a disagreement took place…

It happens… But, they got through it over some time and continued on.

Until it happened again.

Then again.

And again…

All over the same thing. Month after month, having several arguments over the same issue.

Which lead to disconnection and being distant for days on end.

Scott and J.J began a pattern that’s far from uncommon… He sees it this way, and she sees it a different way.

Now, here’s the thing… Neither one of them were ‘wrong’. Their perceptions and way of going about issues are just different.

They were just operating with the understanding that has got them this far in life.

After going through this training with Rory, Scott said…

We were able to melt out the outer shell to look into the core and fix this. I found the disowned piece of myself that my wife needed from me. It’s changed everything! What we struggled with was just an archetypal problem.

Which isn’t a problem… It’s just confusing till you understand it!

J.J also had a disowned piece of herself needed to connect with Scott.

You see, 2 people battling out their model of right and wrong is destined for conflict and tough times.

We all get locked into a certain way of thinking from a young age. Addressing stress, problems, conflicts etc… in different ways.

To be specific, in 1 of 4 different ways… (more on that in a second)

When that’s established within your mind, you disown the other 3 ways.

But, when JUST one of the people in a relationship understand how the other person thinks and operates. The level of understanding is profound! Everything can just flow easily!

Listening to J.J and Scott talk about their journey and where they are now is absolutely heartwarming.

They no longer trigger each other, they know where each other are coming from and can easily move past any disagreements due to this profound understanding.

Here Are Just A Few Other’s Experience
Well, Here’s The Secret To Unlocking This Power!

It all comes down to this…

There are 4 different operating systems – we refer to them as Archetypes – that we as humans have. And each of us will primarily lean into 1 archetype more than the others.

These ‘archetypes’ are the 4 vital operating systems we need to function as a society.

That’s why we are naturally gifted or inclined toward different jobs, viewpoints, talents and interests.

Tricky part is…

Each of these archetypes go about decisions, conflicts and stress COMPLETELY different from one another.

AND… We almost always attract the archetype OPPOSITE from our own…

Can you see where things can get confusing??

The Breakthrough Relationship Weekend is here to demystify the confusion that arises from this. We help you figure out what archetype you are, and how to identify those around you.

Then how all of these archetypes think, feel, react and respond in times of stress, conflict, breakdows and more.

And it’s INCREDIBLE! You’ll be saying, ‘Wow! That explains my partner exactly! That’s exactly what they do!’ And… ‘Woah… That’s how I Am!’

Allowing you to be more understanding, calm and accepting to the people in your life.

To know that your partner isn’t crazy and ridiculous sometimes, they just see things a different way. They just respond to situations differently from how you would.

And that’s okay. Because know this…you’re crazy to them too!

You Can Understand Your Partner So Well It’s Scary!
Mark Allen
Fitness Coach

In the past I have found some relationships difficult in my life. Since attending the The Breakthrough Weekend, my life has transformed. I feel more centred and connected with myself and I have more confidence in my personal and professional life. My relationships have improved dramatically.

It’s truly been an amazing experience which will always live on throughout the rest of my life. There’s no going back now. No way!”

This is for MORE than Just
Your Intimate Relationships!
This understanding opens the door to having incredible relationships with EVERYBODY in your life!
Business Partner
This will directly impact your relationships with all of them!
It’ll bring you to tears how well you understand the people in your life and how the relationships will magically change for the better.
Can you imagine having true understanding, effortless communication, calmness and a SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION in conflicts.

Imagine being able to recognize EXACTLY why various people in your life have these qualities…

  • Are always late
  • Unorganised
  • Shy away from confrontation 
  • Love confrontation
  • Are very creative
  • Assertive and direct
  • Not overly creative
  • Like to be in control
  • Seem like they don’t care about things that are important to you
  • Push back every time you tell them to do something 
  • Lie to you
  • Are very systematic and calculated 
  • Don’t care to talk about feelings
  • Seem to JUST want to talk about feelings
  • Get walked on and don’t have boundaries
  • Have walls up and don’t let people in
  • Not empathetic to others
We tell you how to speak the language of the other archetypes so you never see negative qualities from them anymore!
When you have this SUPERPOWER
to keep others calm and balanced, tough qualities just don’t come to the surface anymore!
You’ll know YOUR negative qualities and triggers that stress your loved one’s out as well.
Just imagine for a moment
what your life would be like…
Who is Rory Kilmartin Anyway?

Rory has made sense out of one of life’s great mysteries and created a body of knowledge that very few people have even come close to understanding. He has discovered pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a way that instantly turns confusion into clarity.

Multiple displays of unkindness witnessed in his childhood confused Rory at an age when most children would have perceived the discord as normal. Rory set himself on a life-long journey to discover how and why this type of behaviour seemed so prevalent between people that love and care about each other.

After 30+ years of research into relationships, and the dynamics that govern how humans relate to one another, including conversations, interviews, coaching sessions, hundreds of books, and speaking to elders from cultures around the world, Rory has decoded the mystery.

Although he still considers himself a student first, Rory has dedicated his life to teaching people how to see more clearly, how to see the pieces we have been unable to put together in our own lives.

Over the past 17 years Rory has been designing and facilitating workshops around the world that reveal the findings of his research. He has forever changed the lives of thousands of people.

Having attended three of Rory’s events, I can assure you the claims I have made here will be true for you by the end of this workshop.

There is zero hyperbole in my description of Rory’s work.


When you attend this event, you will never be able to see the world of human relationships the way you did before, and you will forever benefit from the genius of this work.

This 3-day event will take place
in Cyprus

The Relationship Breakthrough Weekend is taking place in Cyprus – one of Europe’s most loved summer vacation spots! Especially beautiful in August!

Add a few days to your trip and make it a true vacation!

Your Relationship Breakthrough Weekend will be held at the lavish Annabelle Hotel in Paphos, providing the perfect setting for rejuvenation and relaxation.

The hotel offers world-class amenities, including a serene spa, exquisite dining options, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea!


There is lots to do in Cyprus! Take your pick from…

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon

Book early
save €200!




3-days seminar


Coffee breaks




3-days seminar


Coffee breaks

NB: Accommodations and meals are NOT covered by the ticket. For full list of recommended
travel arrangements check FAQ below.
First 60 people get this price before it climbs to full price

This is a game changer.

There were always people in my life who were hard to understand with either their words or actions.

Not only do I now have clarity and understanding for them, but also the ability to more efficiently communicate.

Forever grateful.

Wife, Mother & Horsekeeper

The process with Rory was mind-blowing to me. It was the first course that gave me a deep and lasting insight in the reasons people communicate the way they do.

I am now able to put into perspective how people respond to me and not react to it emotionally anymore, which makes my relationships much more fulfilling.

Kate Hynes
Lecturer, Dublin

Balance of Power is one of the most profound pieces of research I’ve come across and has been a complete game-changer to the lens I view my life and see others through.

It has demystified my own and other peoples behaviour patterns.

It has the power to bring forth the best version of yourself. Highly recommend.

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What Happens If You Don’t Attend?

Not a single person who has experienced this work would trade their new found life for ANYTHING.

No amount of money could convince these participants to go back and never go through this material.

It’s that powerful. It’s that LIFE CHANGING!

This isn’t some lovey touchy feely make your partner fit into a box that someone else believes is the correct way to operate.

This is about allowing and understanding how your partner operates. To keep all the qualities you love, and know how to speak their specific language to significantly reduce breakdowns and disconnection.

To save marriages, relationships with parents, and the connection with your children…

To be a leader in the work place and have all of your employees or co-workers love you because you understand them.

Could you really handle having the same problems, fights, triggers and struggles for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Could you stand to feel more and more disconnected from your partner as the years go past?

Forgetting what it was like when you two first met? 

Do you want to continue losing the intimacy, connection and satisfied feeling your partner evokes on you?

To not be absolutely sure that this is THE person for you. Just like you felt on your wedding day?

Is that the trade you want to make? 

Instead of JUST 3-days of your time in paradise and less than €500?

Growing into wise eldership, for me, there’s no trade.

There’s only 150 people who will be in the room. We’re keeping it small because this isn’t about making a ton of money…

This is about transforming lives. Saving the most important relationships in people’s lives.


Click the button below to be one of the ONLY 150 who will without a doubt transform their lives forever.


Friday, 11th August – 08:30 
Friday, 11th August – Sunday, 13th August incl.

08:30 – 09:00 Tea & Coffee
09:00 – 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 – 13:00  Lunch Break 
13:00 – 15:30  Afternoon Session
15:30 – 16:00  Tea & Coffee
16:00 – 18:30  After Tea Session

The nearest Airport is Paphos Airport (PFO) – 16km from the venue at Annabelle Hotel: 

  • There is a Bus Number 612 from the Airport to a bus stop (The Harbor) a 500m from Annabelle Hotel. 
  • Taxi from Paphos Airport will be approximately 30-40 euro 
The airline companies which are flying to Paphos airport are:
  • RyanAir
  • EasyJet
  • JET2
  • British Airlines 
  • Aegean 
  • Transavia
  • LOT


Alternative airport is the main one in Cyprus, whici is Larnaca. It is 140km away from the venue:

  • There are buses from Larnaca Airport to Limassol city and from Limassol a connect to the bus for Paphos. For more information please check this link.
  • By taxi is going to be approximately 150 euro


Most of the big airlines fly to Larnaca airport from the main airports:

  • Athens
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick
  • Dubai
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Vienna
  • Dusseldorf
  • Hamburg
  • Zurich
  • Krakow
  • Belgrade
  • Liverpool
  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Manchester
  • Paris
  • Sofia

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LIVE ‘Relationship Breakthrough Weekend’ Seminar
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