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Krasimir Tsvetanov,


This is an interesting question. I can say what my name is, WHO AM I? This is not easy to say as I still don’t know myself! I can say what I love doing, what makes me happy, what makes me sad. I believe that way I can introduce myself better than with the name given to me by my parents!

…First, I love when I wake up excited in the morning with a smile on my face, I love motivating others to help them grow. I love being around real friends who don’t judge me but accept me the way I am, and give me honest feedback on how I can become a better version of myself! 

I love playing tennis and the smell of fresh cut grass! I love putting smiles on people’s faces, which is one of the reasons I’m passionate about coffee messages, so small, but so important in your daily life! I love providing people with tools at Insight Seminars to help them discover their real self which they knew when they were kids but forgot on the way to adulthood being so busy with life. I love it when I see happiness on people’s faces upon graduating at Insight Seminars, faces full of gratitude, happiness and hope! I love giving and helping others and that’s why with the Global Morning Community which we created we help the orphans in Bali! My Love to give, gives me the power to grow too! Because in my opinion only two things matter, Growth and Contribution. What I don’t like is losing my time by being afraid of trying new things and complaining of the mistakes I’ve made because actually those mistakes make me realise many beautiful new horizons in my life!

And by the way my name is Krasimir Tsvetanov and Im happy to serve you with anything I can, because my wife and I, we believe we are here for this!

Clementine Tsvetanov,


revealed itself to me when I stood for the first time in front of 300 people in a Insight seminar, realising that I haven’t been participating in my life but only in my head. BUT I am the Creator, the main actor of my life!! I then experienced my potential, the gap between my self image at that time and my possibilities and abilities.

During a volunteer expedition in Oman, after discovering a powerful system to teach families with children with brain damage and watching a 14 year old boy with cerebral palsy able to walk, to talk different languages, to have eye contact and not have epileptic attacks anymore! After that I could see only potential!

In my journey to recover my son from Muscular Dystrophy I have used this concept of shifting challenges to potential many times. I remember one of my mentors saying to me: Do you realise how much golden potential you’ve got now?! You got to share this with others! I couldn’t imagine myself doing that…. Me?? To inspire others?? Then I realised that keeping all of this knowledge is selfish! So I decided to write a book based on my new outlook and I named it “Muscular Dystrophy No More” and this will be my goal!

And that day, I felt that I was regaining my power, I was again the Author of my life! Today, my son can walk, run , jump , ride a bicycle, and people from all over the world are asking me: “What have you done?” And the answer is simple: I used the power of Potential!

Clementine is originally from France, her family lives an hour from Lyon and the Alps. At first she studied Archeology, she is passionate about ancient cultures and healing rituals. She then studied beauty and ancient eastern massages at the universities in France. But it’s really when she met Lone Sorensen, during a volunteer expedition in Oman to teach families with children with brain damages, that she realised that she could combine her explorer spirit with her caring/healing touch. During travels to the Greek islands, Indonesia, Malaysia she met and was trained by masters and healers who taught her the sacred dance of the ‘giving and receiving’ through the healing touch.

Clementine always wanted to help people and Neuro reflex therapy is a therapy that she has learned through her own son’s recovery from muscular Dystrophy and ADHD. She also dedicates some of her time as a blogger for the blog “Muscular Dystrophy No More” and a support group where she shares her discoveries, awareness about her son’s disorder and empowers families and individuals going through the same issues. In August 2020, she was a speaker at the Brain Conference, where she shared her son’s recovery journey and her step by step program for Muscular Dystrophy! She also presented her project to organise the only Muscular Disorders Neuro Family Course in Europe.

Clementine holds certificates of Sorensensistem TM Facial Reflex Therapy, Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy and a specialisation for Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson patients, Fertility and Hormonal disorders as well as for Diabetes patients. She also offers Vagus nerve Stimulation Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Tinnitus etc. She has opened her own space in Cyprus and shares some of her time as a therapist in the most prestigious and award winning Spas in Limassol.

Awaken Potential non-profit was established by Krasimir and Clementine Tsvetanov. All in the pursuit of helping others achieve their potential and giving back to the less fortunate.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Krasimir left home at the age of 14 for military school. Several years later, he graduated with a degree in business management and had his own business by the age of 19.

Since then, he has been in the personal development industry for over 15 years. Taking part on Tony Robbins team, being a director for Insight Seminars, and an Elite Mentorship Trainer for Peter Sage.

Clementine the author has a degree in Aesthetics from France and a Masters in Eastern Medicine. After discovering her son’s neuro reflects disorder, she devoted herself to training the nervous system to naturally help her son.

This also led her into the field of Muscular Dystrophy where she has helped dozens and dozens of children regain mobility, poster and muscle function.


Being in the personal development space for over 15 years and working with other major thought leaders, entrepreneurs and speakers…

We wanted to create something that would really help as many people as possible. Something that could share the wealth and abundance to promote a brighter future for everyone.

Awaken Potential is just that. Helping aspiring people better their lives mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. While using the proceeds to supply the orphanages in Bali with the help they need. 

Our mission is to grow the awareness worldwide by supporting as many people as we can with our programs. To also bring more hope and possibilities for a better life all over the world.

We are based in Cyprus and organize seminars for business such as, millionaire mindset, seminars for public speaking and seminars for self awareness. Mostly in Cyprus, but they are also streamed LIVE world wide.

Our team and partners are spread around the world and work together collectively to raise the global consciousness level.


Godwin Nfor,

Founder of Godwyn Productions

Social media manager

5 years experience in building and creating brands for young and small businesses. He is a creative and strategic thinker who is passionate about helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential through the power of self discovery and personal branding.

a music record label in Cyprus that seeks for,develops,produces and globally markets musical talents through artist development and personal branding.
Godwin has a track record of creating and executing successful social media that increase engagement ,brand awareness and sales for personal brands and companies such as Mbuli Home Services(a home cleaning company in Cameroon), Insight Seminars Cyprus( a non profitable educational institution for self development).He has also digitally produced and marketed young artist in several genres of music all over the world under his slogan “Music Without Borders”
With his background in production, communications and marketing, Godwin understands the importance of creating strong online presence for companies and individuals. He knows how to create compelling content that resonates with target audiences and how to use data and analytics to optimize campaigns and measure success.
Godwin is a team player who is always willing to go extra miles to help in achieving the expected goal.
Godwin is passionate about building capacity and serving others for the greater good.

Ivan Zhekov,

Founder and
CEO of Confido

Digital Marketing Expert

practicing and consulting in the field of digital marketing, websites and automation for 12 years, the last 3 years working in his private practice.

from different fields helps him to provide high-end services. The combination of strategies, knowledge, and application of the latest innovations yields great results that build trust over the years.

Ivan is involved in many meaningful projects that help business owners achieve their goals.

Our Core Values

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