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“Awareness” Foundation is a non-profit organization created to bring people together from all over the world. To grow, achieve and support each other in the journey of life. You can think of us as a gateway to the life you love. The life you jump out of bed every morning excited to pursue your potential and live out your passion. We supply the education and the environment needed to grow into the best you. Opening the door to a more purposeful life for not only you but for the less fortunate as well. Since the investment in yourself goes to orphanages in Bali, so those children can live a better life too.

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The goal of “Awareness” Foundation is to assist everyone who desires to develop their professional and personal merits and acquire the necessary winning mindset. We believe that society will flourish if every individual invests in self-knowledge and personal development. It is a fact that the “organism” of society is a sum greater than its parts (the individual). Still, it is also true that if everyone develops toward their real potential, society will see even greater leverage. If you share similar values and understand our point of view, feel free to join our volunteer lines. Together we can grow faster and spread our knowledge further. Get in touch with us to discuss the best way to contribute to achieving our mission!

Welcome to the website of “Awareness” Foundation – a non-profit in public benefit with ID № 205805162, registered according to the LNPLE, in Bulgaria, the European Union.