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Step Into Your Potential While Helping Orphans In Bali


What is Awaken Potential?

Awaken Potential is the primary mission of “Awareness” Foundation – a non-profit in public benefit registered in the EU, created to bring people together from all over the world. To grow, achieve and support each other in the journey of life. You can think of us as a gateway to the life you love. The life you jump out of bed every morning excited to pursue your potential and live out your passion. We supply the education and the environment needed to grow into the best you. Opening the door to a more purposeful life for not only you, but for the less fortunate as well. Since the investment in yourself goes to orphanages in Bali, so those children can live a better life too. 

We Accomplish This By…

Organizing Live Events & Seminars

Attend one of our many live events for business, self development, public speaking and more! Gain the skills and the peer group that will elevate your life and career!

Profound Home Study Courses

Gain access to some of the BEST courses and programs created by world class thought leaders and speakers! All centered around self development, business/entrepreneurship and abundance!

Donating Profits To Orphans In Bali

The proceeds of your event tickets or course material go directly to the orphanages of Bali. Our motto is ‘Growing To Give!’ Take the step to live a better life and help others in the process!

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.

- Pablo Picasso

Life Really Can Be Easy And Fulfilling!
The Awaken Potential Community Provides

A Powerful Peer Group Of Like-Minded Individuals Who Want What’s Best For You!

Life Transforming Training From Some Of The World’s Best Mentors!

Enlightened Self-Awareness And Consciousness Elevation!

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Self Doubt!

Dismantling The Subconscious Fears To Step Into Your Greatness!

Finding Your Purpose And Sharing It With The World!

Discovering How To Create And Enhance Meaningful Relationships!

Mastering Manifestation!

Achieving Work Life Balance!


What Does It Mean To Awaken Your True Potential?

“God has created the best version of me. And it’s my job to wake up everyday and pursue that best version of me. So that the day I die, I can meet God and the ‘best me’ knowing I got as close as I could possibly get to him while I was alive.”

- Ed Mylett


Imagine living. Еveryday…

  • With energy to effortlessly drive through the day. Never needing a pot of coffee or a nap at 2pm
  • Excited to get up each morning because you have found your passion and are in a peer group of people who support you and want to see you progress!
    Being truly authentic and never worrying about the opinions of others because you know that this life is FOR YOU!
  • Never procrastinating or self sabotaging any more because you have rid yourself of damaging limiting beliefs and set your sites on your true passion!
  • Being strong in your conviction, but never bothered by those who disagree or cast shade on you!
  • Being a strong communicator and honest with the people around you. Making sure there is never any conflict or unresolved tension.
  • Having trust in yourself and always doing what you love.

With all the events and trainings available, you’ll be supplied with the tools that have helped thousands of people world wide craft the life of their dreams. Even when many of them never thought that would be possible!

Millionaire Business School, Cyprus

Awaken Potential has been the host of one of the best trainings for entrepreneurs – Millionaire Business School (MBS). The MBS methodology has been developed by Peter Sage and is taught in seminars across the world. Awaken Potential had the honors to host the event in two consecutive years (2021 & 2022) in Cyprus. Organizing an unforgettable 4-day experience for hundreds of business owners from around the globe live and more than 600 watching on live stream.

"The Millionaire Mindset"

Rory Kilmartin 

Paul O'Mahony​

Asel Sydykova​

Nicholas Kittis​

Robert Rolih

Mark Anastasi


Rory Kilmartin 

Paul O'Mahony​

Asel Sydykova​

Nicholas Kittis​

Robert Rolih

Mark Anastasi

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Paul O'Mahoney

Asel Sydykova

Awaken Potential Workshop

Awaken Potential Workshop Testimonial

Awaken Potential Workshop


Our Mission Bringing A Better Life To The Children Of Bali


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