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15 march 2023, PAPHOS
Awaken Potential presents:
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Create The Life You Love

How many times have you promised to yourself you will change your habits, but never did?

Each year making more and more excuses that sound good to other people, but deep down…

Your subconscious knows if you’re a liar.

Sure, it may sound good at the time, but the real you knows that you’re just burying your potential and setting fire to your time.

The real you knows you’re not Benjamin Button. Even reminding you at times, am I wrong?

It’s time to stop.
It’s time to shove those excuses and habits out the door with the bath water.


It’s time to realign with the real you and bring that you out to play.

Here’s exactly how…​

First off, creating the life you love won’t happen if you’re struggling to conquer your bad habits.

It won’t happen if your environment and your influences aren’t helping you along.

You need to be ready to make the change to walk the path to success. Habits, consistency and your influences tell all.

To fail is normal. And if you are afraid to fail, you will continue to live out every year like groundhog day.
Just watching as the only thing changing is the number of candles on the cake.

So, there is a 2 hour workshop that’s designed to show you how to have the best year of your life with only 5 simple shifts!

In this ‘Rule Your Year’ workshop, you’ll discover:

Peer groups are the heart and soul of changing your life. You are your environment. You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. Period.

It may be hard to find a peer group to get into in your area, and that’s okay… This workshop will give you the tactics to create your own and attract the people you want to be in there.

If your subconscious mind doesn’t feel that you’re worthy of money for whatever reason. Your finances will remain in the freezer. Instead of bursting out of the top like a thermometer in the sahara desert.

We will have exercises to find what is blocking you from the money you want to earn and how to eliminate it!

Habits and consistency is what separates the successful from the wannabe successful. This will outline simple strategies for you to begin shifting into consistent daily habits.

Gathering with other people who are on the same path as you makes it next to impossible to fail.

2 hour event

Wed, March 15th, From 6:00 pm

Expect numerous exercises to really engrain all  tactics and the mindset that will force you into growth for ALL OF 2023.


Krasimir Tsvetanov

Clementine Tsvetanov

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