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Solving the relationship puzzle


Ever wonder why you seem to trigger the ones you love?

Or why in some cases a conflict or disengagement  is just imminent with your partner? Or why some people just make you mad?

Well, in a jam-packed, engaging, and very entertaining presentation, relationship researcher Rory Kilmartin highlights the reason people struggle with others in their lives. He answers the sought after question on the minds of so many, which is, “Why do well-meaning, benevolent people who love each other, treat each other so poorly?”

He brings light to the 4 main ‘Survival Archetypes’ that all people fall into.

And because of this, have trouble communicating and connecting with one another, especially during a breakdown. ‘Survival Archetypes’ are the predicted patterns and strategies that we have subconsciously developed to get through life. He claims that it is our nervous system. How we react, what triggers us, how we prefer to communicate, etc… And yes, everyone will lean into 1 of these 4.

You discover what your archetype is and what it is that triggers you.

You learn that what others say is not a personal attack, it’s just the way they belive is how you’re supposed to communicate. And it’s just different from yours. Once you understand how they see the world, your equipped to traverse communications and conflicts in a way that keeps you in balance and restores the peace. 

After running through the basic characteristics of the the 4 ‘Survival Archetypes’, Rory calls on the crowd to answer a few of his questions. Quickly, Rory was able to distinguish what archetype the volunteers were and outline their triggers, fears and dislikes. But also, accurately place their desires, interests and preferred communication style.

The power of Rory’s work lays within the understanding of the people in your life.

Most notably, the people you love. Once you understand how your partner, parent, child or colleague think, feel, and act, you can begin to to communicate with them more effectively. You begin to talk to them in a way they understand. A way that keeps them calm. Severely reducing the amount of stress in your life and helping to rekindle the most important relationships. Don’t miss Rory’s speech! It quite literally can save your life.



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