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22-28th April 2024, CYPRUS
TCM Foot Reflexology
7 Days Intensive Training Certification
Limited early-bird 20% discount
Get better results with your patients by learning the right concept
of TCM & Neuro Foot Reflexology

With TCM Foot Reflex Therapy (Sorensen System) you will learn how to create the right treatment plan for each patient and the root cause of each disease .This amazing method based on Tibetan Medicine, a combination of Chinese and Indian Medicine will give you a new way of analysing and thinking of the body and disease and how to treat it with this method.

Your instructor:
Mohannad Awartani

– Instructor of the International Institute of Reflexology Method Lone Sorensen – The largest school in Reflexology in Europe and around the world.
– Has more than 19 years of experience as a Reflexologist, treating various neurological cases, brain damage, autoimmune diseases, stress / anxiety conditions, and hormonal imbalances.
– Founder of the first-ever Medical Reflexology Centre in Jordan and in Middle East.

During this course
you will learn from the clinical experience of Mohannad, and through real patients on stage!
What you will learn
in these 7 days:
Theory & Practice
Additional methods:
What patients say about the treatment
My experience with Mr. Mohannad was more than a pain relief treatment, it helped me a lot in treating a lot of my body organs, specially in relieving all the pains I suffered because of my cancer treatment, thank you very much for all the support and advices you gave me, and I advise anyone suffering from any disease to try this treatment… it’s more than great… and I still continue to take Reflexology sessions… I wish you all the good luck.
I took Medical Reflexology sessions while taking chemo therapy, usually I get very tired after chemo, but as soon as I take the Reflexology session in Cure center I get better immediately, and all my pains and nausea disappear, and I can sleep better at night, eve my mood gets better and I can live my daily life normally. Thank you so much.
I’m suffering from “Crohn’s Disease” , and it’s well known that one of its symptoms is extreme Diarrhea. I tried Reflexology, and was surprised! The Diarrhea stopped after the first session, even though I deliberately ate all kinds of food that agitates the Colon, and even with that I didn’t have Diarrhea. I wasn’t convinced to try this treatment at first, but I immediately changed my mind when I saw the difference. And I wish I can continue with it.
A great experience with Reflexology! I have Celiac disease, and I noticed the difference in my health after 4 sessions of this special treatment. I advice everyone who has any health issue to try this treatment specially since it doesn’t use medicine.
It sure is a useful treatment, for almost a year I had to do a surgery for my L5/S1 disc, and after doing some Reflexology sessions I felt a lot better, I’m not 100% back to normal, but I’m a lot better than before.
Hats off to one of the best experiences I ever had in my life! Never did I think that my sever Migraine was a result of what I did to my body! And thanks to reflexology that made me discover that and stop or at least minimize disastrous habits and find relief. Keep up the good work and spread the word!
During this course
you will learn from the clinical experience of Mohannad, and through real patients on stage!
Full Event Agenda
  • General introduction of TCM and Neuro Foot Reflexology  
  • Microsystems theory of TCM and Neuro Foot Reflexology  
  • Introduction of analyzing the cause of diseases  
  • Demonstration of manual palpation techniques and exploring the deposits  
  • Talk about Chinese and Tibetan Schools  
  • Brief talk about meridians  
  • The five elements theory  
  • Important information about the effects of organization of treatment  
  • Practical work
  • Talk more about meridians and its relationship with the body  
  • Demonstration of how to apply the whole 7 steps (over 110 areas) of Foot  Reflexology ; including warm up, diagnosis phase and balancing  
  • Students starts practicing in themselves  
  • Talk about 5 elements and understanding of treatment of symptoms
  • Talking about some case studies and give some examples about some successful cases  
  • Give students some cases to write a treatment plan according of what they learned from the first 2 days . 
  • After lunch break, students will apply on real patients the basic steps
  • Demonstration of Muscle map
  • Understanding the Chinese Medicine and talk about the connection between the  meridians and spinal cord and its relationship with : organs , glands and muscles  
  • The Chinese theory of the internal causes of illness  
  • Practice 
  • Introduction to Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy and how to use it as an important  additional tool for treatment plan .  
  • Give some examples on different cases to be able to understand more how to set  up the right plan  
  • Demonstration of steps of Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy  
  • Students apply on themselves 
  • Talk about how to treat symptoms with TCM Foot Reflex Therapy and give  students paper work  
  • Students practice again all previous techniques  
  • Students practice on real patients
  • Talk about Colon Link (intestinal link)  
  • Talk deeply about how Colon is important and its connection with glands  
  • Talk about glands deeply  
  • Demonstrate the colon link additional tool and when you can apply it  
  • Students practice Colon link
  • General summary of the training  
  • Q & A for students  
  • Give each student a case study ; to write the treatment plan and then apply it  on his/her colleague or patients 
  • Give more examples and tricky details from clinical experience to deal with some  cases  
  • A written exam (12 cases to write the treatment plan for )
After presentation and approval of 10 treatments case,
diplomas will be issued by the International Institute of Refloxology Method Lone Sorensen .
Your Host
Clementine Ynna

– Neuro Facial Reflex Sorensistem Instructor Cyprus and France, 

– Founder of “Muscular Dystrophy Expert”, 

– Author of “Healing from Muscular Dystrophy” and co-Director of Awaken Potential Ltd.

Event Details
This course is for you if:
You are a Health Professional and you would like to get faster results with a natural therapy. You are a Sorensensistem facial reflexologist or Temprana therapist. Nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists, homeopaths and you have some knowledge about TCM meridians.

– Professionals with medical backgrounds: Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Occupational therapists, Nurses…

– Professionals with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Holistic therapists..

– Beginners without basic knowledge in Health, Physiology or Chinese medicine