Awaken Potential


Powerful self-restart

In a highly inspirational and transformative speech, Asel Sydykova speaks at length about the adversity she faced growing up in Kyrgyzstan as a maid. And her will to beat the odds to succeed in life.

Her rigorous journey from a humble background to becoming a successful entrepreneur and author is beyond inspiring.

And it’s not just a story. It’s an insightful roadmap for achieving personal growth, financial freedom, and industry leadership. 

The fiery passion and commitment for empowering individuals to rise above their perceived limitations is evident and captivating. Emphasizing that the first step towards success is embracing one’s past and turning it into a springboard for future triumphs. She acknowledges the importance of resilience and the power of tenacity in overcoming life’s inevitable adversities.

She moves on to underline the significance of financial freedom, urging the audience to think beyond their basic survival needs. Championing the idea of stepping outside one’s comfort zone to explore the vast possibilities of wealth creation. She shares her personal experiences and how to shift your mindset, raise your financial thermostat, and embrace strategies that support wealth building.

Next, she focuses on the importance of being in control of one's life and actively directing it towards success.

She discusses how people often fall into autopilot mode, which can hinder personal growth and financial freedom. Sydykova explains how to wake up from this slumber, assess their lives, and make the necessary changes that will lead to prosperity.

Sydykova then discusses the power of self-improvement and the importance of creating a winning atmosphere for oneself. She explains that what you need is to continually upgrade your skills and remove any obstacles to success. The idea is to identify what holds you back and replace it with an environment that promotes growth and success.

Another emphasizing note was the need for fast recovery from life's setbacks and the importance of having a master plan.

Sydykova insists that life will inevitably knock you down, but it’s crucial to get back up quickly and resume the pursuit of your goals. No matter what. With multiple examples of big name entrepreneurs who faced lots of adversity – including herself – she makes her point that success is always just on the other side of hardship and persistence.


Finally, in the concluding section, Sydykova makes a passionate plea for individuals to invest fully in their lives, striving to be the best in their respective fields. She argues for the creation of momentum, which she compares to a high-speed train that can break through a brick wall while moving, but couldn’t get started with just one brick on the rail.

Asel Sydykova's speech is a wake-up call for individuals to challenge mediocrity, embrace personal growth, and achieve financial freedom.

Her words are not just motivational but implementable as a roadmap to success and fulfillment. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-improvement and wealth creation that could change your life forever.



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