Awaken Potential

Insight Seminars

Do you know what I mean?

Did you already have an insight that you are living in a kind of spiral, whereby you keep experiencing the same type of relationships with the same endings, same financial situations, same work experiences with the same competitive and gossiping environments?

It feels sometimes as if there wasn’t any choice, any freedom, like you don’t even know what it is that you have to do, that you are stuck and feel paralyzed!!!
Well, Insight Seminars has been designed in such a way that you will get a chance to experience moments of awarenesses and AHA moments that will help you find your way out of negative and repetitive patterns!!!

The 3 Selves!

In Insight we are talking about the 3 Selves, the Higher Self, the Conscious Self and the Basic Self, and how important is it for these 3 to be aligned in order for you to move and take an inspired action step to what you really want!!

In order for all of them to be connected and actually help us to move forward, we need to awaken, to open our center, there isn’t any other way and this is what we do in Insight, we “peel you like an onion” in order to reach the core of yourself!
Maybe all these years you have been reading many books about self development and even so you realize that you haven’t taken any action step towards what you really want…

  • What if you had to do the reverse process in order to let go of your limiting images and find your meaning in life?
  • What if in this industrial competitive world the way to stand out is by having a real purpose shared with authenticity that naturally connects with many?
  • What if a true leader is the one who can share with honesty and vulnerability, from his or her heart and in that way move the team with their emotions?
  • What if caring intelligence is the next level of powerful communication and the most researched quality in the most successful businesses?

What you will learn

In these 3 transformational days, you will not only learn how to be happier and more productive in your life while looking through your choices and building powerful intentions, but also develop skills and intuitive learning that will stay with you for a lifetime!

  • How you can use the power of choice to transform areas of your life
  • Learn Caring Intelligence to build powerful, trustworthy and long lasting Relationships
  • Experience Tools to avoid procrastination and getting stuck
  • Experience and Develop your emotional and communication skills in a supportive and friendly environment
  • Learn tips and rules for Success
  • How to create win-win situations for successful negotiations
  • Discover your masks and false beliefs that are keeping you away from Satisfaction
  • Unleash your power and energy with accountability
  • Experience freedom with letting go of images that are holding you back
  • Create an aligned intention, methods and baby steps to reach your dream goals
  • Expand your comfort zone and increase assertiveness and confidence
  • Learn how to tap in the cycle of Abundance
  • Have Fun while setting lifetime intentions
  • Learn how to give and receive and attract more of you want into your Life
  • Learn to use the power of visualization for a calmer and solution oriented mind
  • Learn to use the power of focus and filters to create more of what you want in your Life

Global Morning Community

The Global Morning Community program was created during the first lockdown Covid-19.

The purpose of Global Morning Community (GMC) was to support the people and to lift their energy up and create positive thoughts and habits even in a challenging situation. With the help of 10 different coaches from different countries such as Israel, Germany, Cyprus, Lebanon, Bulgaria and USA, we have created an everyday program started from 8 am Cyprus time.

Every morning, people from their house would participate to this live coaching show, asking questions, sharing their awareness’s, reflections from previous daily exercises… After seeing such an impact and how the morning program gave so much hopes and connection to the participants from over 17 countries, we decided to continue and build an International Morning community!

With 3 modules so far and many successful stories from committed participants, the Global Morning Community continue to expand . Our vision is to create a strong community, powerful peer group of same like-minded persons who commit to successful habits and growth mindset for a fulfilling life with fun, success and contribution.