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Diabetes Management

Neuro Face and Feet Reflex Therapy Diabetes protocol

Either you suffer from a diabetes type I , type II or genetic diabetes or gestational diabetes, face and feet Reflex therapies combined with neuro patches and amino acids supplementation to regulate stress levels and insulin dependancy is a completely safe and natural way of resolving and alleviating symptoms .

  1. Lower Stress Level: By working on the Central Nervous System and adrenal response , stress is reduced .
  2. Food Behaviour Pattern: Important chemical processes are happening in the brain and change our behaviour to food.
  3. Hormonal and Insulin Regulator: Working on the whole hormonal system to reduce insulin dependancy and common diseases related .

Specific and personalised protocol for your own needs 
According to your medical history , your type of diabetes and visual +tactile diagnosis 

Nutritional advices
A diet is recommended to balance all systems , absorb important nutrients, repair gut and detoxify the  body

Reflex therapy is a simple and highly relaxing treatment method and is performed by stimulating neurological points and reflex zones on the surface of the skin on the face and feet .

Package includes:

  • Nutritional advices 
  • 10 sessions Diabetes protocol Face and Feet Neuro Reflex Therapy with NuCalm
  • Diabetes plan for all types ( type I, type II, Pre-diabetes, steroid diabetes..)
  • Weekly session is recommended

 It alleviate diabetes´s symptoms and help those who suffer from this disease.


  1. levelling out and steady reduction of the sugar level
  2. maintain healthy levels & encourage the Pancreas to take over
  3. reduced stress and improved quality of sleep  
  4. alleviate many of the complications arising from diabetes such as Diabetic eye disease ,Infertility,Neuritis,Kidney disease,Leg problems,Obesity…