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Welcome to the 5-day online challenge
Discover The #1 Priority The Personal Growth Industry Always
So You Can Finally Set Yourself Up For Success And
True Lasting Change!
In this exclusive 5-Day Challenge...
You will learn how to Create Your Dream Peer Group And Prime
Environment For Goal Crushing Success!
Learn the EXACT FRAMEWORK to create an environment that is
success focused, supportive and accountability driven!
(That way you'll have no choice but to happily strive for success)
Over just FIVE short days, you'll discover...
Day 1
CLARIFY The Criteria For Who Will Help You The Most On Your Journey And Identifying Who You Should Be Outgrowing.  
Day 2
IDENTIFY: Discover Your Hardwired Financial Mindset And Learn How To Reprogram It To Attract Your Target Peers!
Day 3

INTENTION: How To Structure Your Peer Group With Direction And Intention So That Everyone Is Completely Aligned With You And Your Direction.

Day 4
ACCOUNTABILITY: Learn The ‘Perfect Peer Group’ Formula Which Will Explain How To Align The Members Values And Ensure Accountability Forever.
Day 5
ACTION: Exactly How To Approach Those You Want To Join Your Peer Group And The 6 Keys To Choosing An Established Group/Mastermind.
Day 6
BONUS: I’ll Peel Back The Curtain To Give You An Insight And Reference Point On How My Personal Peer Group Works.

2 Of My Favorite Guided Meditations! One For Self Love And Acceptance, The Other For Abundance. Both Are Beyond Profound And Will Change Your Life!

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Where you will be given a unique challenge each day.
You will be supported and network with like-minded, goal oriented people like you!
Carefully Select Your Friends,
As They Will Select Your Future...

“Krasimir and Clementine stand out as elite mentorship trainers within the organization. They are not only the event organizers for prestigious seminars such as the Millionaire Business School, Millionaire Business Academy, and Millionaire Mind but also host numerous other events. Their expertise in personal development spans over 15 years, further solidified by their roles as country directors for Cyprus in a prominent World organization. Additionally, their experience is underscored by their successful organization of various seminars in Cyprus for over half a decade.”

What Top Business Leaders Say
About Krasimir and Clementine...
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with...
It's Time To Be Around 5+ People Who Support You!
The Truth Is...
The Law Of Conformity and Resonance Supersedes The Law Of Effort and Reward.
Here's what I mean:
You can never elevate the environment around you, only conform to it.

Face it, superheroes are not hanging out with supervillains. Go-getters aren’t spending every Friday night in the local bar. If they did, they wouldn’t be ‘getting’ much. The same is true for less obvious scenarios… Think of it this way… The path of least resistance is not just for water, it applies to us as well. Environment trumps effort and reward every time over time. So, once you become the biggest fish in the pond, you need to get into a bigger pond… 

Otherwise you'll be stuck wondering why you can't make more money or grow into the best version of yourself.

So not only do we need to identify our deep seeded thoughts, we need constant exposure to powerful influence to rewire our internal programming.

There is nothing you can do about your programming now. We all have ‘faulty’ programming that we have to overcome. Everybody. And the personal development industry has made over 10 billion dollars promising to rewire you into success. It succeeds in finding your beliefs and programming, but has failed the most important piece of the puzzle…

How to get THE RIGHT PEERS in your environment to grow and elevate through life with. This Upgrade Your Peer Group Upgrade Your Life challenge teaches you step-by-step how to set yourself up to win by creating YOUR Perfect Environment.
We can only do that by strategically creating or joining a powerful peer group that shares the same values and life direction. Case closed. 
THIS is the REAL Solution.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”
– Dan Pena

If you’re thinking,“who’s Peter Sage anyway?”

Peter is an international serial entrepreneur and subject matter expert in human behavior and self mastery.

His unique way of looking at the world has earned him the distinguished Brand Laureate Award for extraordinary individuals alongside previous winners who include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He’s a 6x TEDx speaker and wrote multiple #1 bestselling books. And has also sold over 150,000 copies in several languages.

He’s founded multiple 8-figure companies and raised over $1M for various charities.

Now, He’s committed himself to sharing his vast knowledge and experience in a way that allows others to also lead an extraordinary life.

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Imagine how different life would be...
If ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS cheered you on and held you accountable!
You would...
By registering in this challenge you will be invited to a private Facebook group.
Where you will be given a unique challenge each day.
You will be supported and network with like-minded, goal oriented people like you!

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