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The Millionaire Mind

From Zero To A Million

Carob Mill in Limassol,
Cyprus, 24 March 2024

Discover The Very Skills, Principles & Habits Top Entrepreneurs Like Asel Sydykova, Richard Branson, Moira Forbes and More Used To Build Their Dream Life!

With Asel Sydykova

Discover How Thousands of People Went From Glorified Job, To The Business That Is Fueling Their Dream Life With This Method!

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What is this event about

PERSONAL & Financial Elevation!

Proven strategies to dismantle limiting beliefs, doubt and excuses to enhance your relationships and wealth!

Profound & Lasting Mindset Shift!

Reframe subconscious fears into fuel, reclaim your power and make the commitment to yourself that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to break!

The Daily Habits Of The High Achievers!

Discover the habits that Asel, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson and more have implemented, leading to MASSIVE Success!

Networking and A ‘Truck Load‘ Of Opportunities!

Live events are the #1 way to acquire new clients and develop a strong network of like-minded people who will hold you accountable!

Discover The 3 MOST Valuable S’s In Business!

Discover the CRUCIAL ‘S’s’ of business needed to attract clientele, close more deals and grow your business FAST!

Expert Wealth Building & Proper Management

Discover how to NOT ONLY generate wealth, but how to manage and invest it like an expert! Just like top investors!

15 years on stage and working with great achievers

and inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs





Jean-Claude Van Damme

Tired of Struggling With The Twin Sisters of Sabotage?

Hey, Asel here...

And I know… Building the life of your dreams can seem hard.
Especially when you have The Twin Sisters – Doubt and Excuses – lingering in your mind like the gluey gossip queens they are.

Causing your life to be resemble something like this…

Day after day with these terrible two becomes a whirlwind of emotion and lack of action. Let me guess…

Each evening, you get ready for bed and whisper to yourself, Tomorrow will be different. We’re going to crush it!

And yet, as that day goes by, the sun sets and you find yourself still grasping at the dreams that once felt so close.

You knew building a business would be an uphill climb. But this relentless tug of war between ambition and inertia wasn’t part of the script you’d written for yourself, was it?

You watch your peers, seemingly dance through their success stories, and wonder if they too face these hidden battles.

If they had to go through this, or if it’s just you…

The life you’ve been reaching for feels like it’s just around the corner, but it’s as if you’re navigating through a maze with no exit in sight.

Another day and yet again, instead of diving into your tasks, you found yourself lost in the virtual world, watching others, and feeling that familiar sting of envy.

There was so much you had planned…

Networking, revamping the website, crafting that perfect pitch. Yet, the terrible sisters made the immediate distractions seem so much more enticing.

Sticking you in this endless loop of disappointment with yourself.

Making you feel like you’re not good enough to achieve the dream life.

Like you may as well just find a job that you like and do that instead…

Causing you to feel down, so you distract yourself more. Setting you back further.

And every setback becomes a mirror, reflecting back those insecurities you’ve tried to bury.

Look, I get it. I WAS THERE TOO!

I used to think, How could just a dishwasher from a small village accomplish the rich life?!

I come from nothing and don’t know how to do any of these things!

Almost giving up each time I hit a barrier.

It was so hard. Especially with the teasing from the women I worked with…

But instead of giving up, each time I had a setback or hit a barrier, I took note of it.

I began to see the common threads that led to the failures.

I was figuring out what not to do!…

Shortly there after, I was able to be in the room with some incredible entrepreneurs as an interpreter.

There, I took advantage of there knowledge and discovered a few CRUCIAL principles to live by.

A short time later…

I Figured Out The Precise Foundation.
The 6 Steps To Get Over Sabotage and Limitations So I Could Build Successful Businesses & A Truly Fulfilling Life!

And I wrote it all out…

Each step. Each principle.

Each mindset practice to build powerful self confidence.

Each CRUCIAL skill to building the business and life of my dreams.

As I continued working next to some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the world, I refined these principles, practises and clear steps to take.

And I used all of them myself to build 3 multimillion dollar companies that are now 90% automated…

I still live my life with these principles!

And I have put them into a simple formula that I’m sure you’ve never seen before…

This formula has helped thousands of people begin living the life of their dreams.

And now, YOU CAN TOO!

Now, Who Is Asel Sydykova?

Asel Is One Of The Most Renowned Experts IN THE WORLD On Unlocking Human Potential & Building Businesses That Fuel Your Freedom!


Here Are Just A Few People Whose Lives Are Completely Changed From HER Method!


Really enjoying your program and to see how you have been able to implement these knowledge in your life in own powerful way. And THANKS for reminding us to persist.


I have attended more than 60 trainings in the last 25 years and I have to admit these several days will be the most productive I have ever had in this field and is what I needed to achieve my bigger goals in life. 


Thank you for your dedication and willingness showing us the path to become a better and more successful person. I enjoy every lesson with you. Failure is not in my vocabulary anymore.

This Event Is For You If…

Well, good news for you, my friend…

The ‘Millionaire Mind’ Method WILL Dismantle Limiting Beliefs, Present The EXACT Principles The Wealthy Live By AND Lay Out The Very Skills You Need To Scale Your Business!

These practical and proven principles, formulas and rules ARE the gateway to success. 

They ARE consistent and shared across the wealthy.

Now, it’s you’re time to learn them. It’s your time to install them into your life.

And it’s YOUR TIME to step into the life you have laid out for yourself!

Here Are Just A Few More People Whose Lives Have Changed FOREVER…

Here’s EXACTLY How

We Will Bring Your Dream Business and Life Into Reality....

Think of the 6 Step Millionaire Mind Method like building a home.

To build an empire that is able to weather any storm and stand tall for decades to come, we have to consciously build it to be unshakable. To remain standing no matter what the circumstances.

No matter what gets thrown it’s way.

1. ‘The Millionaire Mindset’

  • Getting past the ‘Twin Sisters of Sabotage’. Practical and effective strategies to move off of limiting beliefs, doubt and excuses so you can direct your FULL ATTENTION on the key needle movers in your life and business!
  • Turning your fears into your fuel. This is where we reframe the subconscious fears we all have and utilize them to push forward with a fire under us!
  • Developing the unbreakable mindset. Reclaiming your power and making the commitment to yourself to show up each and everyday for a strong ‘WHY’ you can’t stand to let down!


2. Ridding yourself of the FINANCIAL limiting beliefs! 

Powerful Financial Reset. We will be removing all the factors that have been keeping you from becoming wealthy! Allowing you to become energised and empowered toward increasing your revenue!

Are you already imagining how this will help you? How JUST THIS alone would change the course of your life forever?

This is the EXACT foundation the greats like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Moira Forbes and SO MANY more instilled in themselves to build their life and empire on!

When you have this foundation, anything you set your mind on will succeed. And now, Asel is going to show you how to do that.

But, this isn’t the full house yet…

So, let’s keep going!

3. Financial Thermostat Breakthrough! Raise your earning potential by setting your inner money thermostat! This is easily one of the most powerful trainings you can go through. Set it high and watch as the universe assists in bringing it to you!

  • Asel will teach you not only how to produce a mountain of cash, but also how to segment your income and ensure that you’re always responsible with your wealth!

4. Personal Money Management System! Learn how to be the GRAND Master of the money game and manage your finances like an expert! This is exactly how Asel and MOST ALL top entrepreneurs manage their wealth to continuously grow their income faster than a shark after a seal!

  • Wealth creation. YES, get ready! You’ll know precisely what to do with the major income and how to reinvest it to passively grow your wealth! Imagine waking up each day with MORE wealth than yesterday!


  • The daily habits of the wealthy and the productive! These couple daily habits have proven to DRAMATICALLY increase revenue, productivity, happiness and host of other qualities. And YOU ARE going to know EXACTLY what they are!

As you can tell, ‘The Walls’ are where the dream business comes into reality for entrepreneurs.


This is Where You Begin To Flow The Nile River of Money Toward You and Change Your Life Forever!


5. The Three S’s!

  • The knowledge and ‘SKILLS’ to attract more clients and customers, close more deals and quickly scale your business! These are the CRUCIAL skills every high level business owner has to rise above the competition and make a large impact in their industry!
  • The Must Know business ‘SYSTEMS’ on how to retain your clients and customers long term! This is all about keeping those who purchased to continue purchasing and become ‘Raving Fans’ that will sell your product or service for you!
  • ‘SPEED’! This is how to automate your business! Asel will show you EXACTLY how to set your company up, how to guide your A players’, and the tools to use so that your business can be over 90% automated! Allowing you the time to live how YOU WANT TO!


6. A Special Powerful And PROFOUND Guided meditation session to release unprocessed fears and doubts! Bring to the surface any blocks and become unstoppable and full of confidence!


  • Legacy building! You’ll be walked through how to share your gifts with the world! How to make a huge impact, and leave your industry and followers in a better place than before. This is how to become the person that others look up to, that your kids will be proud of and more importantly, you’ll be proud of.


This is your money making machine. This is how you afford time to spend your wealth with your family.

To make a greater impact on the world… And to give back.

To help others on their journey and to truly feel fulfilled.

To create the life of your dreams, not just hope for it. To feel like you can do anything.

Just imagine what that would be like…

Leaving procrastination, laziness, limiting beliefs and doubt in the past…

That’s Why The ‘Millionaire Mind’ Method Is Revolutionising Entrepreneurship and Personal Fulfilment!

The Event Will take place at the beautiful Carob Mill

the principles, habits and
step by step process

to unlocking the next level in your business and life!

PERSONAL & Financial Elevation!

Dismantling YOUR Limiting Beliefs

Reprogramming Yourself FOR Success

The Skills and Habits of The Wealthy

How To Automate Your Business

HOW TO Take Care Of Your Money

HOW TO Build Your Legacy

TON of Networking Opportunities



But, here’s the thing… Spots ARE LIMITED!

Book your seat early.
Save up to 60%!

Asel is the Most Sought After female speaker in all of Europe and Asia.

People are coming from all around for this world class business and life enhancing wisdom.

To be in the room with Asel, hundreds of like-minded people and potential clients…

To discover the mindset, habits and skills that TOP entrepreneurs use to be hyper productive and live in a place of fulfillment.

Don’t Wait!

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Can't Make it live?

Join us on live stream! Dedicated camera operators will ensure an immersive live experience throughout the event. You will not miss a beat! The stream will be on EEST time (GMT+3). 

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If you’re asking yourself
if it’s worth it

or if you should attend… Ask yourself this… ‘What would it cost me NOT to go?’

What is the cost of inaction? Where would you be a year from now without these skills, habits and this unbreakable Millionaire Mindset?

Would it be worth it NOT to surround yourself with like-minded people and a truck load of potential clients?

To push off what you want MOST and instead just have some Air Pods?

Or a just another dinner at a nice restaurant?

You’re going to spend time, money and energy somewhere… May as well be on your future.

On the most valuable and important asset in your life.


So, when you’re ready to shift your life toward wealth, prosperity and freedom.

To provide security for you and your family…

And to build your legacy…

So, I say it again… DO NOT WAIT!


Sunday, 24 March 2024 – 08:30 

Saturday 23th March

08:30 – 09:00 Tea & Coffee
09:00 – 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 – 15:30 Afternoon Session
15:30 – 16:00 Tea & Coffee
16:00 – 18:30 After Tea Session

Event ends around 18:30.

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