Awaken Potential

33 Meditations Pack
for awakening your true potential

Welcome to the ultimate guided meditation pack! All meditations were prepared with love and care by professional meditation experts and voice actors. They are thematically organized to suit your personal goals and current mindset. No matter the goal, you will have a meditation to support you on your path to personal growth and harmony.

✅ Recorded by professional voice actors
✅ Studio quality audio
✅ Universal audio format for any device

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When purchasing this pack you get life-time access to all the audio files that you can download. 


Full list of meditations:

1) Working With Boredom
2) Trusting Your Intuition
3) The Power Of Self Healing
4) The Power Of Acceptance
5) The Interconnected Nature Of Existence
6) Staying Present And Grounded
7) Sleep Relaxation
8) Prosperity Visualization
9) Morning Meditation
10) Loving Kindness
11) Letting Go Of Anxiety Stress And Worries Final
12) Handling Difficult Situations
13) Gratitude Appreciation And Empathy
14) Equanimity
15) Envisioning Your Best Life
16) Empowerment And Motivation
17) Embracing Your Suffering
18) Embracing Aging And Change
19) Drifting Into Sleep Final
20) Mindfulness Meditation
21) Deep Bodily Relaxation
22) Cultivating Stillness
23) Cultivating Gratitude And Joy
24) Calming Exhalation
25) Building Confidence Through A Sense Of Agency
26) Bridging The Conscious And Unconscious Mind
27) Breath Equanimity And Loving Kindness
28) Body Positivity
29) Appearances In Consciousness
30) Cultivating Confidence
31) Releasing Money Blockages
32) Unlocking your Abundance Mindset
33) Mindfulness Of Breathing