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Neuro Facial Reflex Therapy

  • Number 1 Medical Neuro Reflex Therapy in Cyprus for chronic diseases and rehabilitation for children and adults

  • Specific Program for Menopause and Hormonal issues

  • For children and teenagers with anxiety and concentration deficit

  • Comprehensive fertility program for couples

  • Elderly care and Parkinson’s

  • Postural correction therapies


Neuro Reflex is a therapeutic method for working on the causes of the body’s physical, mental, hormonal and brain imbalances. This method performed by stimulating points and zones on the surface of the skin on the face, hands and feet. Using this method it is possible to adjust imbalances in relation to the individual’s needs.

Our Specialist

Clementine, qualified SorensensistemTM Therapist, is able to assess the state of each client by touching reflex zones and analysing facial tissues’ conditions. Based on this initial diagnosis Clementine works on reflex zones, meridians and neurological points on the face. As a result, the Central Nervous System and the blood circulation in the whole body are stimulated and the flow of energy becomes smooth. As the therapy can target improvement of hormonal and endocrine systems, positive changes can be noted not only in the body but also in the emotional state. It naturally helps improve conditions such as anxiety, mental exhaustion, memory loss, insomnia and many more. Facial ReflexTherapy may also help relieve chronic/acute pain.

There is no contra-indication for this therapy, however guests who are prone to developing herpes or infectious conditions on the face and the scalp might not be able to receive a complete reflex therapy or may be asked to refrain from therapy sessions until the breakout disappears – this is in order to avoid a risk of spreading the infection.

Clementine is originally from France, her family lives an hour from Lyon and the Alps. At first she studied Archeology, she is passionate about ancient cultures and healing rituals.

She then studied beauty and ancient eastern massages at the universities in France. But it’s really when she met Lone Sorensen, during a volunteer expedition in Oman to teach families with children with brain damages, that she realised that she could combine her explorer spirit with her caring/healing touch. During travels to the Greek islands, Indonesia, Malaysia she met and was trained by masters and healers who taught her the sacred dance of the ‘giving and receiving’ through the healing touch.

Clementine always wanted to help people and Neuro reflex therapy is a therapy that she has learned through her own son’s recovery from muscular Dystrophy and ADHD. She also dedicates some of her time as a blogger for the blog “Muscular Dystrophy No More” and a support group where she shares her discoveries, awarenesses about her son’s disorder and empowers families and individuals going through the same issues. In June 2020, she will be a speaker at the Brain Conference in Jordan, where she will share her son’s recovery journey and her step by step program for Muscular Dystrophy! She will also be presenting her project to organise the only Muscular Disorders Neuro Family Course in Europe.

Clementine holds certificates of SorensensistemTM Facial Reflex Therapy and a specialisation for Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson patients, Fertility and Hormonal disorders as well as for Diabetes patients. She also offers Vagus nerve Stimulation Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Tinnitus etc.

She has opened her own space in Cyprus and shares some of her time as a therapist in the most prestigious and award winning Spas in Limassol.

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What is Neuro Reflex home rehab training?

This method is a brain re-training concept usually based at the client’s home, composed of different neurological stimulation methods for – face, foot, and hand reflex therapies, muscle reflex therapy and Brain Gym. This concept also includes nutritional counseling / supplements.

By stimulating reflex areas and points on the face, feet and hands it is possible to re-train the brain and body ́s functions to optimize help with brain issues, chemical processes, endocrine system, blood circulation, organs and muscles; as all these processes are activated through impulses from the central nervous system.

Brain Gym is an exercise program that stimulates the Central Nerve System to produce new nerve connections. Nutritional information about food, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals function associated with brain damage, autism and syndromes, mental disorders and other chronic diseases are provided to parents.

Temprana Reflex therapy – is a 100% natural method – completely without risk – and it can be combined with other home training methods and treatments.
How does Temprana method works?
By stimulating neurological points on the face, skull, feet and hands, electrical impulses are sent through the Central Nervous System to the brain, where neurotransmitters will be charged and then send the impulses back to the body’s organs and glands to help regulate all body processes and the body’s self-healing process.

Besides the brain functions, it is also possible with Temprana Reflex therapy to stimulated hormone and body functions, thereby helping to alleviate breathing problems, allergies and digestive problems. The Temprana method helps sensory dysfunctions such as poor vision and hearing. By stimulating the endocrine and lymphatic system Temprana method increases the excretion of waste substance, which ensures better conditions for the immune system.

The Central Nervous System is dynamic, i.e. it changes depending on conditions. It is flexible and always in the process of forming new neuronal networks. The brain also possesses certain plasticity, which means it has the ability to form new neural connections – a process that is positively affected by intense Temprana Reflex Therapy stimulation.

The Central Nervous System has an amazing capacity for regeneration and adaptation which maybe helped further to show improvements when stimulation with Temprana Reflex Therapy is applied. This is only possible if the professional therapist who trains parents has the correct knowledge about the brain, central nervous system, the body’s functions and the right tools in the form of therapeutic advanced Temprana Reflex Therapy methods; so that the professional therapist can organized and combined methods properly to teach the parents the correct reflex points and zones according to the individual person’s situation.

Personal program
On basis of a consultation and analyse of a child or adult with brain or Central Nervous system problems it is possible for the Temprana instructor to organise a individual program adapted to the individual situation. Two people with the same disease / symptom will never get the same program.
Everyone has a unique medical history; none are alike! Long-term process. Home Training with Temprana method is a long-term process, as the program – depending on each person’s situation – has to be performed 4-7 times a week for at least 12 months.

The full program takes 1 hour and 15 minutes a day to perform, but it can be divided into 2 sessions of 35-40 minutes. For example: – Feet in the morning and face and hands in the evening when the baby should sleep.
Stimulation of the face is very relaxing, therefore it is advisable to perform face reflex therapy program before sleeping.

Follow-up consultations after 3-day training course
When the stimulation program is taught, the family does not need any additional courses, but it is very important that they carry out the correct procedures as taught and then follow-up any adjustment consultation appointments for their program every 3-4 months. The follow-up consultations take approximately 2-3 hours.

Following-up provides training new energy. Nerve points that are stimulated all the time become “dull” and loose their effect. Therefore, it is necessary to train for some new ongoing adjustment of the nerve points.

Regular contact
To achieve the best results it is an important part of the Temprana Reflex Therapy program to maintain regular contact between family and therapist to check up on the client’s response to the stimulation.

Neuro Reflex Facial

Neuro Reflex Facial procedure is part of the rehabilitation Temprana method and is a unique concept combining needleless acupuncture points, Reflex zone Therapy and neurological points.
This is neurological manual therapeutic method, which stimulate reflex points and zones on the face and the scalp. This unique therapy balance organs and systems such as endocrine, lymphatic and circulatory and then helps to manage chronic dis-ease within the body .Indeed, the ultimate effect of Neuro Reflex procedure go far more than just enhancing our natural balancing & healing mechanisms in our body and mind, it also helps to resolves disorders, dysfunctions through stimulation of specific neurological points. Every time the patient undergoes a new procedure, positive changes last longer and eventually become permanent.

What can I expect during a session?

The session is a gentle non-invasive therapy. The patient remains completely clothed at
all times. Facial Reflex Therapy is deeply soothing. Often we don’t realise how much
tension and stress our facial muscles are holding and then transmitting to our entire body.
This tension is created by mundane activities such as chewing, grinding teeth, tired or
strained eyes, even laughing. Our face is the first location we exhibit or suppress our

Light oil is applied to the face to assist in the technique. It conditions the face, leaving the
skin more subtle, toned and healthier. The deep, smooth techniques steadily release the
tension and balance the central nervous system helping the body to heal itself. The
patient stays relaxed and rejuvenated.


Foot Neuro Reflex Therapy is a neurological procedure that is performed on the feet, based on postural disorders studies .
The therapy has been developed by the danish specialist Lone Sorensen after been studied and updated by physicians in Argentina, who have discovered more precise and accurate neurological connections.
This ancient Tibetan technique from 500 years BC, initially performed directly on the spine , helps to balance the physical, chemical, biological and mental processes in the body and re- aligning the spine .
With this technique, Clementine is working on correcting body postures and re-balancing the function of organs, glands, and structures of the body through a micro system of spinal lines on the feet.

Important Note

Guests should be made aware that there might be “reverse conditions” after the first couple of sessions. “Reverse condition” is one of the typical signs that your body is trying to detox and it is a manifestation of the healing process. Typical reverse conditions with the SorensensistemTM therapy are headache, thirst, change in frequency of toilet usage (change of colours in urine/stool could happen), breakouts on the face/body, light fever, excessive sweating, and/or fatigue. Some people might experience mood swings as it is a process which supports emotional toxins release as well. It is suggested to rest and drink plenty of water after your session to support the body in its transition. If any of these symptoms occur, remember they are temporary and an indication that the therapy is working.These symptoms will diminish within 2-3 days as you continue to receive the therapy. If you are taking any prescription medications prescribed by physicians, please do not stop taking them until further physician’s advice.

The 5 years recovery journey with my son, Gabrillian, 8 years old born with Muscular Dystrophy.

Muscular Dystrophy – From not having impulses to jump, loosing balance, legs going outwards , falling down TO being able to walk with ease, jump, run and feeling confident and happy

Hyper lordosis with scoliosis

“During the lockdown, my son ‘s spine has started to go to the side because of not being able to go to physiotherapy twice a week as usual, trying to follow me during my cardio exercises with not always a correct posture , and probably also some emotional patterns due to the situation…”

Result after one session of one of the latest therapies in Neuro Reflex Therapy inspired from the latest researches on motor sensitive function.

“The whole posture changed , and the morning after I felt his gait was better and he looks refreshed and happy”

Kyphosis, hyperextension back of knee

After 1 session of spinal adjustment

Posture changed, less kyphosis, back of knee more relaxed, feel looser, less tension