Men & Money

For Men Looking to Unlock The Next Level
In Life & Wealth

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More Money?

More Passion?

To be More On Purpose?

Here is

what we do...

This program is designed to help generate a strong collection of individuals who are inspired to create change.

Inspired to build wealth. And to build a lasting legacy.

Inspired not solely to dream of their perfect life…But are ready to bring it into reality.

To know EXACTLY how to manifest the perfect vision of their life, and be equipped with the skills and passion to get up and execute day after day.

We start on May 11 in Paphos, Cyprus

When you are serious about leveling up… 

Join us! Seats are limited!

designed by high achieving men

for men

Men & Money is a collection of men looking to achieve more. Looking to step into the full embodiment of their masculine and money earning potential.

To gain the skills and knowledge to up-level their mindset and income to become the best version of themselves. To bring their vision, their dream into reality.

Men & Money is for the man ready to discover and implement the missing pieces needed to take their vision from the board on their wall to the life they actually live.

To realign with what they want most and BECOME that man RIGHT NOW.

To create the thought patterns and habits that lead to success.

– Dan Pena

You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with

Men & Money is for the Dream Seeking man who is DONE with settling in their life. The man who is ready to be the Action Taking man who is Hell-Bent on achieving their vision.

The man who wants to be surrounded by other like-minded, action orientated men and work hard to fulfill the vision they have for their life.


-Bruce Lee

As you think, so shall you become.

This 2-day program is
designed specifically to…

You Know
That You’re Meant For More…

We’re Here to Help

Understand This…Most Men Die Twice

With the absence of purpose, discipline, and significance comes the first death.

This is where the man could be doomed to live a life of mediocrity…

Without a shift, this man will accept their place. Accept their income. Accept that they will not achieve what they want to achieve.

To live life on ‘accident’. Not on PURPOSE!

Lacking intention. Lacking desire. Lacking respect from others and most importantly, from themselves.

Then, that man will finally die… Buried with the ghosts of their untapped potential.


You are right here, RIGHT NOW for a reason. Don’t ignore your inner greatness calling.

Join us in Paphos on May 11th – 12th and step into the community of men looking to live their lives ON PURPOSE.

Men looking to make more money, achieve their dreams and LEAVE THEIR LEGACY!

Meet Your Instructor


With over 20 years of consulting and seminar facilitating experience, Mike is able to connect individual leadership development with broader organizational vision and strategy, resulting in leaders and teams that are highly productive and passionate about achieving immediate and long-term business results.

Mike leads multiple global accounts and partners closely with senior executives and their teams. His approach combines practical knowledge and cutting edge techniques to help leaders, teams and organizations navigate and thrive in times of change and transformation.

Mike has partnered with clients across the globe and in a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, technology, finance, food, hospitality, health care, fashion, and retail.

Prior to instructing Men & Money and Insight, Mike was an Assistant Professor at Tufts University’s Gordon Institute, where he taught Leadership Awareness and Agility. He also has many years of experience as an executive in the healthcare sector and as CEO of a training organization focused on maximizing human potential.

Mike holds advanced degrees in both Health Care Management and Practical Spirituality, and is the author or co-author of five books.

Mike has also been involved with Insight for over 25 years. In addition to facilitating Seminars, he was instrumental in getting Insight started in Bulgaria. He also has a successful career as a corporate facilitator, coach, and consultant.

He has been happily married for over 25 years, and is the proud father of two young adults.

My purpose is to constantly look for and bring out the best in others, such that individuals, teams and organisations produce extraordinary results.



you alsO get a one-year program with Peter Sage FOR FREE!


A science-backed, professionally certified, 52 week self-development program to unleash your ultimate potential and take your income and life to the next level!

Weeks 1-12: Initiate Level
The focus here is on foundational learning, from understanding human behavior to handling uncertainty. It sets the stage for new neural pathways by exposing learners to fresh perspectives and actionable insights.
Weeks 13-24: Creator Level
Now, you’re taking it up a notch, bringing in business mastery and leadership skills. This phase involves real-world applications and activities that force the brain to adapt and form new habits.
Weeks 25-38: Specialist Level
This is where things get more advanced, opening up areas like intimate relationships and blending spirituality with wealth. The intricate nature of these lessons facilitate deep neural changes, cementing new thought processes and behaviors.
Weeks 39-52: Master Level
Here, learners explore niche and complex themes that contribute to the ‘mastering’ aspect of self-mastery. Not only do these rewire the brain to handle intricate, interconnected topics but they also finalize the overall mastery of the newly paved neural pathways.


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Only 7 seats left

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Saturday, 11 mAY: 10:00-20:00

Sunday, 12 MAY: 10:00-20:00

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We Wll be at the Beautiful Annabelle Hotel, Paphos



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Now, You Have A Few Choices…

1. You can do nothing. You can leave this page right now.

Maybe you decided there are more important things to spend your money on.

That this is not the time to take ownership over your life and capitalize on the opportunity and sign your subconscious mind has been looking for…

You can go back to your life, and continue living exactly as you are. And if you’re okay with that…Then GREAT man!

No hard feelings! We wish you nothing but the best! This isn’t for everyone and we understand that!

And of course…

2. You decide you may ‘catch the next one’. right now is not the best time.

And, when the itch comes back… When you see the success stories pouring out of this community…

When you see that other men are achieving the very success you have been wishing for for the last few years…

Having regret that you are now behind as others are collecting ‘truck loads’ of cash and creating an impact in their industry…

You can join us later. And we’ll be happy to have you! But, you won’t be a founding member of this strong community of men.


3. You can secure your seat now

You can have the skills and action plan to not only properly manifest your vision board into reality, but have the knowledge and passion to act on it EVERYDAY.

To know FOR SURE that you are on the path to wealth, abundance, intention and purpose.

To leave on May 12th rejuvenated, inspired and on track. To be ‘A Whole New Man’.

To be one of the FIRST and FOUNDING members of a group that will continue to grow and inspire other men around the world!

To be seen as an influence in this community!

The choice is yours my friend. Men are signing up, seats are being filled and lives are about to be forever changed…

Looking forward to seeing you with us!