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Global Morning Community

Global Morning Community

The Global Morning Community program was created during the first lockdown Covid-19.

The purpose of Global Morning Community (GMC) was to support the people and to lift their energy up and create positive thoughts and habits even in a challenging situation. With the help of 10 different coaches from different countries such as Israel, Germany, Cyprus, Lebanon, Bulgaria and USA, we have created an everyday program started from 8 am Cyprus time.

Every morning, people from their house would participate to this live coaching show, asking questions, sharing their awareness’s, reflections from previous daily exercises… After seeing such an impact and how the morning program gave so much hopes and connection to the participants from over 17 countries, we decided to continue and build an International Morning community!

With 3 modules so far and many successful stories from committed participants, the Global Morning Community continue to expand . Our vision is to create a strong community, powerful peer group of same like-minded persons who commit to successful habits and growth mindset for a fulfilling life with fun, success and contribution.

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